Bedtime Stories for the Brave


Direction: Ipek Sertöz
Cinematography: Virgile Bikindou
Production: Dr. Klaus Grosfeld / Andreas Rohde

A mother reads her daughter fairy tales about blue skies, the summer sun, and magical creatures called birds which traveled tens of thousands of kilometers just to stay warm all year round… or amazing hairless things that could breathe underwater, but not on land.

Everything we take for granted today have gone extinct; or now only lives in fantasy books, and people’s imagination.

Our world is beautiful, and has enough ‘magic’ for those who look for it. Maybe it is easier to remember once seen through the eyes of a child’s innocent eyes; who never saw nature in her life.

As she imagines a world she could never have guessed once existed, let’s remember what is at stake now if climate change, global warming and pollution continues unattended.

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