I will always love (E)U


Direction: Eline Gehring
Cinematography: Konstantin Minnich
Production: Tamara Erbe / Maximillian Seidel

I will always love (E)U is a story about the last European night, told as an excessive trip into one’s own heart of darkness. Beth is a Brit living in Berlin for several years. In the night of Brexit, when Britain finally leaves the European Union, she is suddenly faced with terrifying questions concerning her own identity. Desperate, she asks her boyfriend to marry her while they’re having intercourse. He thinks it’s all part of their frivolous game and when he realizes that Beth is serious he is completely overstrained.

Disappointed and also trying to cope, Beth ends their relationship on the spot and hurls herself into the Berlin nightlife. Together with her friend Anna she experiences a night that no one will remember. But above excessive partying and more spontaneous proposals there always hovers the unbearable question of who we want to be.


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